Wearable Devices

HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Active Black-46mm

Brand : Huawei , Model : WATCH GT Series
AED 610.00
AED 850.00 28% Off
  • Control huawei watch 3 using the high-response touch-sensitive screen, side button and fully rotatable crown, offset for easy access. Rotate the crown for easy scrolling through on-display features and volume settings.
  • Using esim technology1, huawei watch 3 functions as a stand-alone communication device. Make calls, play music, and download apps without being connected to your phone, still using your existing number.
  • You change your clothes every day, so why not your watch face? Huawei watch 3 comes with 30 cool, pre-installed faces, including animated faces to really liven things up. Plus, choose from the 1,000+ designs available on huawei watch face store 4.
  • There’s no better way to connect with people than through a call. Use huawei meetime6 on huawei watch 3 to conveniently contact your friends and family on any huawei phone or vision, all at the flick of a wrist.
  • It's no fun being left out of photos. Get great-looking photos together with all your friends using the remote shutter feature9. Control your phone's camera and use the crown to zoom in and out, for the right shot every time.